About us – Welcome to KHAnalytics GmbH

KHAnalytics GmbH has been providing services for emission monitoring equipment since 2002 (with an emphasis on units made by ABB). Mathias Hiesel, founder of the company, was employed by ABB for many years. His career started in 1992 as a systems specialist for emission monitoring equipment at Hartmann & Braun which was subsequently taken over by ABB. Mathias Hiesel was responsible, throughout the world, for implementing systems, eliminating faults and training customers in analysis technology, and for FTIR monitoring units in particular.

In 2002, Mathias Hiesel founded his own company.

KHAnalytics GmbH has been expanding constantly from this point onwards and now has a large number of national and international customers. Service contacts have since been concluded with companies in a wide range of different industries including the petro-chemical and cement industries, as well as the waste disposal and power supply industries.